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zhanuya korgan

 "Order in the facility is needed? Are safety and security required?

We will provide professionally and reliably.

 "Zhanuya-corgan" - security company that combines structures of various functions: tracking of goods, protection of objects of different profiles, bodyguard, as well as Canine Service.

Our security agency works at all territory of Kazakhstan, and you’ll be able to use a shift method of protection the objects regardless of a place of your stay.

Clearly, the primacy is given to fundamental recruitment.

The main consistency of the company - is security officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Defense in resignation, reserve officers. They possess the high level of physical training, responsibility, endurance, ingenuity.

The management of our company - a young and ambitious team. We value our reputation and are working one hundred percent with all the customers, and strive for a long-term partnership. In SA “Zhanuya-corgan” the individual approach to each client also works flexible system of discounts.

If you have just started your business or you are a small company, please contact us. We have separate offers for similar cases.We always make advances to our customers and offer the best value for the protection of high-quality objects.

Many of our clients, among which large companies with world brands, and also the young developing enterprises, objects of the budgetary financing and owners of private housing trust us protection of their property.

The optimal price and high quality service - our priority. You get the professional help of experts who will ensure your safety and tranquility.

Why would you be profitable to cooperate with SA “Zhanuya- corgan”? Because we offer:

  • Quality, confirmed with letters of thanks and good feedback from our customers. Individual development of security systems for each client.
  • Enhanced protection due to the Canine Service. Immediate response of RRT and protection in the event of emergency situations.
  • Services of professionals that have passed a rigorous selection. The license for security activity, issued by the relevant body of RK.
  • Security Agency "Zhanuya - Korgan" has received a license issued by the state institution "Committee of atomic and energy control and supervision" to the protection of nuclear facilities and nuclear materials.

We can guarantee high quality and professionalism based on years of experience. This thesis is honest - we promise only what we can do.

We can guarantee high quality and professionalism based on years of experience. This thesis is honest - we promise only what we can do.